Saturday, August 6, 2011

‘Possessed’ boys trick girls into sex

A teenage girl was tricked into performing sex acts on four teenage boys after they pretended to be possessed by gods.

The court heard that the victim, who was 14 at the time of the incident, was told that she would receive divine punishment if she refused to carry out the wishes of her alleged attackers.

She was attacked by the leader of the group, who is a school dropout and cannot be named to protect the girl's identity.

The boy came up with the trick after he saw worshippers at a Chinese temple being 'possessed' and planned to trick the girl in February 2008.

He told her that the "Chinese God of Hell" wanted to have sex with her and would kill her friends if she refused.

It was reported that he suggested to the rest of the group that they convince the girl to do their bidding as punishment after she rejected one of the boys.

The boys are alleged to have tricked her into performing the sex acts after pretending to be possessed.

In a separate incident, the group leader also raped his girlfriend, who was best friends with the other victim.

He carried out the attack in his bedroom in front of the group, after he used joss sticks to burn off a tattoo on an accomplice's finger to show he was possessed.

The group leader then raped her after telling her the Chinese gods would harm her if she refused to do as she was told.

The boy has pleaded guilty to two charges of rape and two of sexual assault, while eight other charges will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced.

While the youngest attacker, who is now 16, is on probation, the other two alleged accomplices have not been dealt with.

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